Put the “petal” to the metal on Valentine’s Day!

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It’s all horse power, rose petals and candies on Valentine’s Day for Mercedes-Benz. And not to mention stars, of course! Whether you planned out something special or not, for Lovers’ Day, Mercedes-Benz tried to make it special anyway!

“Love can build a lot of things. We’ve built this”, Mercedes-Benz USA posted on their Facebook page. You’d better make Valentine’s Day the best or nothing, no matter if you are in love with your car or your significant other!

Valentine's Day

The international page that has recently got over 18 million fans, also has a love message for those who love the Benz: Let’s put the “petal” to the metal with these flowery Mercedes-AMG powered Valentine’s Day Greetings. It is the post right next to a photo of the AMG rushing up and down a coastal road, covered in rose petals.

Please, don’t eat your car!

But we’ve got an “oldies, but goldies” kind of celebration too. In Japan, the Valentine’s Day does not mean candlelight dinner and heart-candies. It is the women who give chocolate to men. In an attempt to change tradition, Mercedes-Benz unveiled a smart fortwo all made of chocolate in Tokyo in 2011. The manufacturer’s recommendation was: don’t eat it and for its own sake, please don’t let it out in the sun! Back than, the chocolate smart was eventually sold for $28 000.