Pullman: you might have just died and gone to heaven

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For the normal human being, when it comes to a car’s interior, it doesn’t get any better than the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class, especially if we’re talking about the LWB version with the reclining rear seats package. 

The new Mercedes-Maybach Pullman, on the other hand, takes things to a whole new ‘nother level. It’s so relaxing I feel like laying down after watching this clip…

Unfortunately, there are no beds, sofas, couches or even a decently comfortable chair around, so I gotta keep writing this.

The Pullman is essentially a limousine for two because, let’s face it, only two of those four chairs in the back really count, as for the two in the front… The extendable foot rest is even larger than that in the standard S-Class and it also appears to be softer, more comfortable. The headrests are more soothing than the best pillow I’ve ever tried and the reclining backrest is so tempting you will undoubtedly pull the electric curtains and go for a quick nap.

For those who got a good night’s sleep there are foldable trays everywhere, champagne refrigerators and a pop-up (or rather a slowly rising) screen in front of the two seats (as well as smaller, individual displays for each of them).

But the truly impressive feat is the way those two displays start to drop face down and the pair of headrests in front of you begin to make sense as the opposite two seats are slowly revealed. The expression “hiding in plain sight” was never truer.

It’s hard to imagine travelling in more comfort on the road (maybe something like this?) – actually, this isn’t just comfort, it’s plain pampering, an overindulgence no one except the hardest of working men should be allowed to have.