Production Mercedes-Benz GLB will be revealed this summer, electric variant coming in 2021

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The production version of the Mercedes-Benz GLB Concept will be presented this summer. Mercedes-Benz officials have also announced that the electric variant will be available from 2021.

Mercedes-Benz has flooded us with quite a lot of SUV news this week. Yesterday we met the brand new GLS and just a few days ago, Daimler published the first images and details about the GLB Concept. The prototype developed by the German company prefigures a future compact SUV positioned between the current GLA and GLC.

At the New York Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz officials also came up with new information about the GLB Concept production version. At a press conference, according to Motor1, Brita Seeger, the head of Mercedes-Benz marketing and sales and also as a member of the board of directors, revealed more about the GLB and said when we could expect the production version of this compact SUV.

The unveiling is on the agenda for next summer! Now the “coincidence” is that the big IAA show in Frankfurt will open its doors at the end of the summer (or more Autumn). Whether the GLB will actually be revealed there or earlier is yet unknown. It could also be that Mercedes-Benz is organizing a stand-alone event for the big world premiere.

The prototype was presented in a seven-seat version, and Mercedes-Benz officials say the last two seats can accommodate mid-sized passengers. The production variant of the new compact SUV prepared by the Germans will also be available in a seven-seat version.

The Mercedes-Benz GLB concept car that we saw this week in Shanghai gives a good preview of what awaits us. The Mercedes-Benz GLB Concept borrows a number of G-Class design elements. Imagine the roof box with lighting gone for a moment and mount slightly smaller wheels and you have the production version in front of you.