President of Nigeria wants to keep old Mercedes limousine

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You can get five Mercedes-Benz limousines for free and you say NO? Man, what kind of person are you? Maybe… the president of Nigeria?

The bureaucrats of the State House in Nigeria were planning to get five new armoured Mercedes-Benz S600 cars for the President Muhammadu Buhari, but the state chief rejected the plan. The cars would have come for N400 millions (a little over $2 million and about 1 900 000 euros), all paid by the governemnt.

President Buhari found out the intentions of the State House last Wednesday, when the Permanent Secretry, Mr. Nebolisa Emodi, spilled the beans, filling him in on the ministries’ activities.

In a country with major coruption problems, the refusal of the president comes as a surprise. “It is just a waste of resources”, he said rejecting the plan. President Buhari thinks that the cars that he inherited from the former state leader, President Goodluck Jonathan, were also good enough for him. Those are also Mercedes vehicles, one of which is an elongated version of the S-Class.

“I don’t need any new cars. The ones I am using now are just fine,” the President has been quoted as saying.

Buhari failed to become president of Nigeria when he previously ran for the office in 2003, 2007 and 2011. He finally made it in March 2015, becoming the first leader of the opposition to defeat the incumbent president.