Preparing Your Wrangler for the End of Your Lease

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You’ve been racking up the miles, both on road and off, and have had loads of fun. And now, can you believe it? The lease on your Jeep is almost up, and you’ve got decisions and moves to make. Here’s what you need to know about preparing your Wrangler for the end of your lease.

Jeep Wrangler

There’s nothing like the Jeep Wrangler, and that’s been true since its forefathers pulled duty during World War II. Heck, the ride even retains the same basic silhouette, and Wrangler fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

The fact is that any day you’re bumping along a trail with the top peeled back and doors off is an awesome day, with the promise of more adventure just around the bend.  And if you happen to engage in shenanigans off road, well, that day got even better. The Wrangler is king in that space.

For all its throwback charm, however, the latest iteration is chock full of edgy technology and creature comforts. And while the Wrangler is slightly more at home on the trail than the highway, the SUV is an all-around delight. Is there any wonder all Wranglers hold their value so?

End of Lease

To ensure a stress-free experience as your lease reaches maturity, you must plan. Here’s what you should do during certain intervals.

90 Days Left

This is the time you want to explore your options, which include leasing another vehicle or getting into a different model altogether. You can upgrade your Wrangler, of course, and if you do, Chrysler Capital will waive disposition fees. You also may qualify for returning lessee bonus cash and perhaps even more incentives, such as $500 in waived wear-and-tear fees.

Your first step will be to contact Chrysler for a pre-inspection of your current Wrangler, then you should make an appointment with your originating dealership to turn it in. Be certain to examine your vehicle for excess wear and tear, and where applicable, make repairs. You should also take note of your mileage and make an appointment with your original dealer for a test drive in your next ride.

As far as documents go, you’ll need a copy of your Jeep Wrangler lease agreement and owner’s and maintenance manuals, plus all keys and entry fobs.

Now, if you wish to buy a new vehicle, you can do that, too, following the above steps. You can also opt to buy your Wrangler instead of turning it in. If so, Chrysler will honor the price included in your lease agreement, in addition to taxes and fees. You won’t be charged for excess mileage or wear, and financing is available if you qualify.

60 Days Left

Around two months before your lease ends is when you should get a pre-inspection to eliminate surprises on your final bill. The good news is that the manufacturer will pay for your inspection with a certified vendor at your convenience. This will help you determine potential vehicle wear and use overages, and you’ll also have time to arrange for any repairs.

When scheduling your appointment, have your 17-digit VIN and Chrysler Capital account number ready. You’ll get a copy of the inspection report that day.

You also may wish to perform a self-inspection before you take the car in. Check out the Wear Table and Wear Tool in Chrysler Capital’s Lease-end Guide.

30 Days Left

You’ve considered your options and done your pre-inspection. The clock is really ticking, so now ow you must finally choose whether to upgrade your Wrangler or select something totally different. It’s up to you. You know what your needs are. Just remember that staying with the Chrysler or Jeep lineup gets you loyalty rewards.

When it comes down to it, prepping your Wrangler for the end of your lease means exploring your options, getting your ride inspected and making any repairs, then sizing up your needs and making a final decision regarding post-lease driving. Chrysler does offer tools to make the process as easy as possible, so don’t hesitate to contact the Chrysler Capital Allegiance Team for any assistance you may need.