Preparing for an alien invasion? Mercedes releases yet another odd video to promote the X-Class

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Mercedes-Benz has never claimed to have made an invincible pick-up truck. Yet here is the luxury workhorse trying to escape the apocalypse. Ready to fight European rivals, but not the American ones, the X-Class is being promoted in a Hollywood-like campaign. The second video of the series is “Follow”, showing the vehicle driving away from danger.
The Nissan Navara-based pick up moves at fast pace through an urban setting, it is trying to evade rhinos, a hockey team,  flying men, hippies, shopping-obsessed ladies and terribly weird creatures looking as if just landed from a different galaxy. Not a second does the driver fail to smile throughout the great escape. The new video comes after the first TV spot broadcast on TV, “The First of a New Kind“.
The campaign made its debut on October 24th, at the German television stations and will also show up in newspapers, magazines and posters around the country, as well as all across the world wide web, focusing on social media.

Manufactured at the Japanese car maker’s plant in Barcelona, the Mercedes-Benz-badged pick up is set in motion by a 2.3-liter turbodiesel with single- and twin-turbos, developing 163, 190 horsepower, respectively, under the bonnet of the two variants: the X 220 d and the X 250 d. Both engines are available with the rear-wheel drive and the all-wheel drive layout and are standardly fit with a six-speed manual gearbox. The X 250 d is also available with a seven-speed automatic transmission.