Premium Sales Results 2023: BMW Remains the Leader in the Premium Segment in 2023

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BMW, Audi, and Mercedes have announced their sales results for 2023. BMW is still the leader of the premium segment, Audi is up 17.4%, and Mercedes is at the same level as in 2023.

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The Mercedes-Benz Cars division sold 2,043,800 units in 2023 (2,043,900 in 2022), including AMG models and 60,000 V-Class/EQVs.

In the Top-End segment, sales reached 328,200 units, driven by the growth of Mercedes-Maybach (+19%), G-Class (+11%), and Mercedes-AMG (+4%) sales. The S-Class remains the best-selling luxury limousine, with around 50% of global sales.

Sales in the Core segment were down 2% to 1,096,800 units, the reasons being some supplier bottlenecks and the E-Class generation change. Availability of the new generation GLC and E-Class was restricted in many markets due to the lack of 48V mild hybrid systems. The C-Class saw a 10% increase in sales in 2023.

Sales in the Entry segment increased by 4% to 618,800 units, due to high demand for the electric EQA (+57%) and EQB (+109%) models.

Sales of Mercedes electric cars increased by 73% in 2023 to 222,600 units, representing 11% of total sales. If Plug-In Hybrid versions are included, the percentage is 19%. Sales of the EQE sedan are up 120% globally, while sales of electric and PHEV models in the US market more than doubled (+167%) thanks to the new EQE SUV.

By region, Asia continues to be the number 1 market for Mercedes, with 963,800 units, of which 737,200 are in China. Europe is in second place with 659,400 units, while 339,500 units were sold in North America.

BMW sold 2,253,835 vehicles in 2023, an increase of 7.3% compared to 2022. Thus, BMW remains the leader in the premium segment globally.

Electric cars were in high demand, with 330,596 units delivered to customers in 2023 (+92.2%), representing a 14.67% share. The best-selling electric models were the BMW iX1 and BMW i4. With the launch of the i5 and iX2, BMW now has an electric model in every main market segment. In 2024, the first electric touring model will make its debut as part of the BMW 5 Series range.

With 18 electric models in its portfolio covering all relevant segments, BMW is hoping for an increase in electric car sales. In 2024, one in five models will be electric, and in 2025, one in four models will be electric.

The BMW M GmbH division recorded its best result ever, with 202,530 units sold, which is an increase of 14.3% over 2022. The best-selling M model in 2023 was the BMW M3 Sedan, followed by the BMW M4 Coupe.

Audi sold 1,895,240 units in 2023, 17.4% more than in 2022, including the 48,000 models of the Audi Sport division (+5%).

Of the total sales, 178,000 units were electric models (+51%). The success of the electric models is mainly due to the 112% increase in sales of the Audi Q4 e-tron. In 2024, the range of electric models will be enriched with the new Audi Q6 e-tron, which will be presented in spring. Q6 e-Tron is the first Audi model built on the new PPE (Premium Platform Electric) platform developed together with Porsche.

The best-selling Audi model in 2023 was the Audi Q5 with 332,000 units, followed by the A6 (267,000 units) and the A4 (237,000 units).

By region, Audi sold the most in Europe, where 747,619 customers bought an Audi in 2023 (+19.7%). China is in second place with 729,042 units (+13.5%), while 228,550 units were sold in the US.