Premier Express: The no-appointment quick service from Mercedes-Benz

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Mercedes-Benz USA launches Premier Express, the first no-appointment quick service in the premium segment. The program covers routine maintenance operations.

Going nationwide in the first quarter, Premier Express was “created to address one of the biggest pain points for our customers — time,” according to Gareth Joyce, vice president of customer services for Mercedes-Benz USA.

Two-technician teams are employed to cater vehicles in need of lubrication, filter changes and other basic services and can arrive without an appointment. The work is completed in as little as 30 minutes without a complementary free car wash or 45 minutes with. In comparison, complex operations can take at least 45 minutes.


Mercedes-Benz USA estimates approximately 160 of its 360 dealerships have already joined the Premier Express program.

“To qualify as a certified Premier Express dealership, you have to perform the work through our prescribed process, inside the required time with and without an appointment,” Joyce explains.

Premier Express was piloted last year, with stores that have been offering the program for three months showing a 40 percent increase in service business.

Another first by Mercedes-Benz is the Digital Drive Service app. Customers can make an appointment, choosing the desired service, including Premier Express. They get regular text messages indicating if the vehicle needs extra work or if the work is completed. The bill can also be paid online, with the app providing a link to an invoice and permanently indicating any cost changes.