POWER WAR! Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupe versus BMW M4 Competition Package

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With 510 hp on tap, the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupe is king of the hill. Still, BMW doesn’t want to accept this and reduces the gap with the 450 hp M4 Competition which builds a bridge between the basic version and the GTS. Which is the best?

Almost identical performance to weight ratio. Yes, the BMW M4 versus the Mercedes -AMG C63 S Coupé is like the fight between a speed knife and a clenched fist; one is lighter, the other strong, what goes out in terms of sheer power output levies on a nearly identical power to weight ratio of 3.6 and 3.5 hp per kilo.

Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupe has 700 Nm under control. Accordingly, the electronically controlled rear axle was responsible in not quite immaculate condition for traction eccentricities. Even so, the C 63 S and its 700 Nm arsenal are under control.

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Were the concerns of BMW being in advance perhaps justified? Let’s say, a certain skepticism is in the air, considering that the AMG is now closer than ever to BMW M4 than ever before – in handling as well as in performance. However, BMW doesn’t stand still. The Competition Package brings re-tuned dampers, springs and anti-roll bars; 10 millimeters wider tires on both axles, weight and rigidity-optimized 20-inch wheels, a re-worked stability program, lightweight seats.

The M-boys now say that the modifications also radiate to everyday life – especially on the highway, which indeed continues to be the preferred hunting ground of the clientele of the M4. Of course the loose tail which slides repeatedly in the control range of the DSC, is still present. But the M4 Competition now moves a bit more civilized with its richer, more defined damping and feels more secure. That is: instead of early oversteer, the contortions of the electronically controlled rear-diff are now adjusted so that the rear precision lasts longer. At the same time the safety net of the stability system is wider. The interventions are done sensitively and later, so that the entire package now appears supple even at forced pace. Terrific!

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Largely ineffective, however, the power remains much the same, objective as well as subjective. There is indeed such a rule that says that the growth rates for output and torque must be at least ten percent, so that they get noticed. With 19 more horsepower and 550 Nm the M4 Competition Package is not yet there.

The consequences are accordingly: The M4 Competition is still great, but not much different than the standard model. Why? On the one hand the 20 kilos above the standard M4. On the other hand the optional DKG the Launch Mode fabricated still only naked chaos in the rear. Whatever portion of the available speed window, it simply allows for too much slip, sometimes way too much.

One thing is certain: in a straight line, the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S rules, even if its Race Start function has to do properly in order to keep the sheer thrust force in the orbit of the rear tire. But unlike the BMW, the C 63 S seems to have things better under control. Up to 100 km/h his lead is positioned accordingly, to 200 even more clearly – and this really corresponds to the driving impressions.

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The BMW M4 Competition remains with its 450-PS L6 one of the softer turbos: emphatically yes, extravagantly no. From its four-liter V8, Mercedes contrasts by buzzing force and with a lot more oomph in the middle. And that suits his charisma, the thunder of the exhaust system and the driving behavior – civilized but effective. Approximately 1.8 tons is the weight of the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S coupe, which is 150 kilograms more than the M4.

In everyday use, all that matters, partly because the smooth, very precise steering concealed the heavy head of the AMG quite well. However, the stronger you push toward the limit, the more it falls into the weight – which brings us to the race track and in the answer to the question why the C 63 S cannot fully outpace the BMW M4 Competition.

The main reason lies in the handling: The BMW moves more agile, innately forcing the rear, rather than the front to tug. This results into what is commonly described as neutrality. The AMG is also good in this respect, but if you animate it with a tiny load change things could go different. Hitting the perfect moment, the C 63 can be with its stiffened (compared to the sedan) chassis wonderfully apt in the corners, but never quite as quick as the BMW M4, more rough, engaged and especially with a sparkling clean transition between traction and slide.

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On the track, the 7,300 euro Competition package took the liveliness and agility of the M4 a notch above. And even if AMG is closer than ever, around a track the BMW is still champion. The C 63 S is extremely fast and efficient, but acts more obtuse than the consistently super neutral M4. This certainly has a lot to do with the weight and its distribution, but probably with the respective level of grip of nominally identical tires. However, the wetter the road, the safer the C 63 S is. No real winner here. The M4 caters to its classic audience, while AMG is inching closer and closer to world domination.

Source: Auto-motor-und-sport.de