More power for the S 63 AMG Coupe courtesy of G Power

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Power. Oh, my precioussss power. Never enough – always wanting more, even when you have more than you’ll ever need. That’s the beauty of it, but that’s also its darker side. Power corrupts. Power is wonderful.

I doubt the first thing that crosses your mind after you’ve just bought an S 63 AMG Coupe is “I need more power for this car”. And yet, after a while, you will be thinking just that. Not because you actually need it, but because… why not?

A little more power won’t hurt, now, will it? It’s completely innocent, you don’t mean anything by it. You won’t show off or anything, it’s just nice to know your car is more powerful than a regular S 63 AMG. And most train engines…

So you go to people like Brabus and end up with a car that will kill you if you misjudge throttle pressure even by a tenth of an inch. But you’re happy. Because you have more power.

Brabus may be the more notorious, but they’re not alone. Here is what G Power is offering. Without touching the engine block like Brabus is doing, G Power will squeeze 705 hp out of your S 63 AMG’s V8 engine, with a nice 1,000 Nm on the side. How is this possible, you ask, and why isn’t AMG selling the car with this power figure in the first place?

As always when a lot of power is involved, there’s a catch. G Power installs an additional control unit upstream of the original one, modifying the data that’s responsible for things like fuel quantity and ignition times. Nothing too fancy, then, a five year old could do it.

The thing is, though, that all these modifications are carefully monitored and only come into play when the cooling liquid has reached a certain temperature, for safety reasons. Also, the power boost is temporarily interrupted when the oil temperature reaches a preset high (for example, when driving flatout for too long on a hot summer day).

And there’s why AMG doesn’t give you the S 63 AMG Coupe with 705 hp stock.

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You may have also noticed there’s something wrong with the wheels of this S 63 AMG Coupe modified by G Power. Apart from the fact they look like flowers drawn by a toddler, they are also ridiculously large. They’re 21 inches in diameter, to be more precise, with a 265 width up front and 295 at the rear. The real problem is the height of the Michelin tire, which won’t be able to do a lot to protect the huge G-POWER HURRICANE RR rims once this car actually hits a real world road. Yes, it does drive fast (0-100 km/h in 3.8 seconds for the 4MATIC version and a top speed in excess of 330 km/h) but you’ll mostly be doing 30 km/h carefully going round every minor pothole or crest in the asphalt.

These are show off cars. You buy it and you go cruising at moderate speeds so that people can have enough time to see and recognise you. You keep them in the garage and show them to your friends when they’re visiting. And then, finally, when you really want to drive them, you get a normal, decent set of wheels and you go for a spin, realising what a nice car you have. A car you had all along, but ruined with this package from G-Power which, as you’d expect, doesn’t even come cheap (6,898 Euro for the power control unit and 9,095 Euro for the wheels and tires). I say stick with the standard S 63 AMG Coupe and you’ll be just fine.