Posaidon G RS 850: Mercedes G-Class becomes a sports car

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Although the Mercedes G-Class is an extremely powerful off-road vehicle, most buyers worldwide also love the sporty AMG versions. If the power of Mercedes’ performance department is not enough, Posaidon is now helping with an 850-horsepower variant of the cult off-road vehicle.

As a basis for the conversion, the Poseidon vehicle refiner based in the Rhineland, Mülheim-Kärlich, is basically a G-Class with an M157 engine. In order to make the car look as good as it gets, the tuners have snapped the crazy color edition of the hardcore off-road vehicle painted in exotic colors – the model shown is the special AMG solar-beam. At the rear of the car, Poseidon has a special feature: the series door is replaced by the spare wheel-free door of the G 500 4×4². Inside, there is leather trim with contrast seams and many carbon applications.

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Three-stage chassis

In terms of chassis, the G RS 850 has an adaptive damping system that can be adjusted in three steps, while the 285 / 40R22 tires sit on 10.5×22 inch rims. According to Poseidon, the high-performance tires offer a particularly good adherence. Behind the black spokes of the light-alloy rims sit the gold-painted brake calipers of the carbon-ceramic brake system, which Poseidon has adapted from the Mercedes-AM S 63. In the case of this system, six pistons work on brake discs with a diameter of 420 millimeters – on the rear axle four pistons on 360 discs.

The V8 engine of the basic model Mercedes-AMG G 63 was taken from 571 to 850 HP, the torque increases from the standard 760 to 1,350 Newtonmeter. The Poseidon specialists are able to achieve a 279-horsepower increase in power and a torque increase of 590 newton meters, thanks to the use of converted turbochargers, which deliver 40 percent more charging power. In addition, the intake system as well as the charge air cooling have been modified, as well as the stainless steel exhaust system with flap control and sports catalytic converters. The engine control software has been adapted to the new engine components. The AMG Speedshift Plus 7G-Tronic transmission also receives both hardware and software updates to cope with the much more violent torque.

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Extremely fast and expensive

Thanks to the tuning, the 2.6 tonne G RS 850 spurts from zero to 100 km / h in 3.6 seconds, while the top speed is 285 km / h. For comparison: A Mercedes-AMG G 63 sprints in 5.4 seconds into the three-digit speed range and has a maximum speed of 210 km / h. The V12 variant G 65 does the reference sprint in 5.3 seconds, the acceleration ends here at 230 km / h.

The Poseidon G RS 850 is now available. A complete conversion will cost 140,000 euros. The customer can also have only individual components converted.

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