Police pursuit: stolen Mercedes chased for hours in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California
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This has gone on and on for hours. The California police has chased after a stolen vehicle, reported to be a Mercedes-Benz belonging to an American resident, all through Los Angeles and in the surroundings of the city. The pursuit started in the afternoon, when it was still light out. Once it got dark, the thief turned off the headlights and spotting him seemed close to impossible.

The LAPD has chased the driver who has been making some wild decisions on the freeway. The unidentified suspect went back and forth on the Granada Hills, searching for a way out.

It took hours for the police to catch him, even if everything was filmed from the helicopter and broadcast on live television. All of this time, the LAPD had spotlighted him through the city of Los Angeles.


The thief seemed regardless of the other drivers, but he kept going in circles. The authorities were not much better either. Several times, they were coming from the opposite direction, but failed to intercept him.

Eventually, he was jammed by an undercover vehicle that came in front of him out of the blue. It was backed up by a police car right away. Several other police vehicles with lights on surrounded the stolen Mercedes. The suspect stepped out with his hands up and got down on the ground, as he was completely surrounded by the armed officers ready to shoot if necessary.

The man was handcuffed and taken to the station for further investigation.

After all, everything happens like in the movie around the hills of Hollywood.