Pink workhorse – Dealership offers 100+ color wraps for the X-Class pick-up truck

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Would you turn your workhorse into a pink lifestyle means of transportation? Well, for a dealership in Munich, Germany, the X-Class pick-up truck with the usual white, black and silver colors are a thing of the past.

Pink, yellow, orange, green are on the list of choices for the X-Class owners that want more than the usual pick-up truck ready to go anywhere and transport anything. There are approximately one hundred different colors available for the first pick-up truck ever built by Mercedes-Benz.

Who is this Munich-based Bavarian dealership targeting? May be the hipsters that have their own construction business? The color wrap costs €4,165.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class pick-up truck (1)

Decals application on the lower area of the doors comes for extra €2,368. That is how much the Design package costs and it also brings tinted rear windows and various looks for the bumpers, the door handles and wheel covers.

The off-road package, available for €5,056, modifies the suspension, mounts 18-inch wheels with 265/60 massive tires, adding up to the total ground clearance.

A bed cover, a cargo box and side bars can also be ordered for the X-Class pick-up truck, introduced in July 2017.

Models that can receive the special looks are the X250 d 4MATIC and the X 350d 4MATIC.

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