Party like a Russian! Road devil races through Moscow in her new Mercedes

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Russian millionaire’s daughter Mara Bagdasaryan took Robbie Williams new hit “Party like a Russian” to a whole new level. The wealthy beauty raced through Moscow, where Vladimir Putin’s driver died in a car crash, speeding up to 100 mph (160 km/h). Apparently nothing stands in the way of the fortune heiress that has already clocked up 350 speed tickets.

The police can’t possibly intimidate the defiant beauty Mara Bagdasaryan, who has just put her all-new Mercedes to the test, racing it through the Russian capital, while puffing out the smoke of an electronic cigarette. More than that, the young woman was using the central lane, especially conceived for President Vladimir Putin and other high-rank officials.

Party like a Russian (2)

Her father, a food industry Russian oligarch, said there is no way his daughter’s joyrides can be stopped. Not only does she defy the authorities, but also has the habit of posting videos of her speed escapades on social media and bragging about them.

The latest video shows the 23-year old woman behind the wheel, hitting 100 mph in an area where the speed limit was of only 50. The post was accompanied by the description “When you are in a hurry”.

Famous for her lavish lifestyle and reckless spending, Mara Bagdasaryan has clocked up 350 speed ticket, 140 of them yet unpaid, adding up to approximately 14,000 dollars.