Parents and kids reversing roles for Christmas in the new Mercedes-Benz TV ad

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Parents are going crazy this Christmas. Mercedes-Benz USA is predicting one miraculous holiday with the “Early Risers” TV commercial.

Even the laziest wake up early on the Christmas morning. Usually it is the kids jumping off the bed at dawn to check the presents under the tree. But how about switching roles this upcoming holiday?

One month ahead of Santa’s arrival, Mercedes-Benz USA is releasing a new TV ad called “Early Risers” to promote their special Winter Event, claiming that we don’t have to stop dreaming just because we have grown up.

Mercedes-Benz TV ad

Yelling like an ambulance sirene and jumping around the house like kangaroos to wake up their children, mom and dad rush downstairs in their bathrobes and dash outside in the snow wearing just home slippers. Their sleepy blue-eyed blond kids stare at them in surprise, with a tolerant look about their fair faces. They pulled it off this year, too. “It’s the look on their faces that makes it all worth while”, says the girl while sipping from her cup of cocoa.

This year, Santa is bringing the C-Class together with other models in his bag of toys, with great discounts. The model year 2016 CLA and GLA are not eligible for the bonus offer.