Over 20 Mercedes-Benz G-Class units abandoned for decades in a junkyard

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Junkyard. Graveyard. The land of the doomed. Car Valhalla. That must be it. Somewhere in the UK, waiting for doomsday, there are over 20 Mercedes-Benz G-Class. And they have been caught on film.

The sight that the latest video on the Imstokze YouTube channel displays is simply heartbreaking. The cars lie around, in a terrible condition, with almost no chance to drive away ever again.

Some have their fenders ripped off and their doors forced open. Dirt and rust have been eating at them for years. The odometer of one reads just little over 38,000 miles, so that particular example hasn’t earned much experience. Such a shame. This is a life that Magna Steyr never planned for this fine example.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class (4)

The YouTuber whispers while filming at night, in the dark, seeming afraid that someone might find him checking out the off-roaders. His voice tone rises though as the sun is up. In the description of the video, he explains he could not stay long.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class with a V8 engine, praying for salvation

A V8-powered Mercedes-Benz G-Class with leather seats and a door that shows it as the victim of a crash is there praying for salvation while rotting away. One even bears the AMG logo and looks ready to drive away if only someone claimed it. But since it’s a junkyard, it didn’t end up there because its owner loved it too much. That is never the reason.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class (4)

The register plates of these G-Class units are blurred throughout the video, by the request of the junkyard administrator. But probably most of them were registered in the UK.

The YouTuber even spots a first-generation G from the early 80s. Other classic models ended up there, surrounded by bushes and high grass ground around them for years. None got the life that it deserved and that it prepared for.