OTA updates for Mercedes EQS SUV

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The Mercedes EQS luxury electric SUV allows access to new OTA features after purchase. Here’s is the list of OTA functions.

Photo: Bogdan Paraschiv

If when you bought your Mercedes EQS SUV, you forgot to tick one of the optional extras, thought you didn’t need it, and later found it could be useful or simply your budget was insufficient to purchase some of the optional extras, you can still do so later via OTA updates.

OTA options are purchased for a limited time period of one or three years but can also be activated on a subscription basis, temporary activations, or can be tested for free for a short period, just like computer software.

Among the most important OTA updates is the integral steering with the rear wheel steering angle increased from 4.5 to 10 degrees. So, if you live in a busy city and have realized after buying your car that access to the parking is complicated, you can activate the OTA option for the larger steering angle, in which case the turning circle is reduced to just 11 meters, impressive for a 5.12-metre long car.

You can also purchase OTA Augmented Reality for the navigation system, which additionally offers blue arrows for extra guidance and live images from crossroads. If you opt for MBUX Augmented Reality, you can also activate the dashcam.

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Although it is not a sports model, the Mercedes EQS SUV can be configured OTA with AMG Track Pace, which measures the time in detail on various race track sectors.

Those who want a specific sound can opt for the Individualisation package, which includes the Roaring Pulse sound mode, but also a range of Sudoku-like games that can keep you busy when you are charging the car.

If you sell the car before the subscription for some of the options ends, the next car buyer can use these options until the subscription period ends. For this purpose, they must link it to their Mercedes Me account in the Mercedes Me Store and activate it.

Here is the list of options that can be purchased later in OTA and what equipment you need to have on board to order them.

FunctionDescriptionFor activation, this special equipment must be on board
New at the launch of the EQS SUV
Trailer Manoeuvring AssistFacilitates manoeuvring with the towing vehicle by automatically controlling the steering angle on the towing vehicle up to a speed of 5 km/h and up to a gradient of 15 per cent.Trailer coupling, 360 degree camera (included in Parching package with remote parking function, 714 euro
Traffic Sign Assist (included in Driver Assistance Package)Can detect speed limits, overtaking bans and their cancellation, react to red lights, stop signs and entry bans and warn of unintentional crossing or wrong-way entry.Hard disc navigation, camera (Part of Collision Warning with Active Brake Intervention, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Distronic Pro adaptive cruise control.
MBUX Augmented Reality NavigationSuperimposes graphic navigation and traffic information on live imagesDashcam
ENERGIZING COMFORT, ENERGIZING COACHSelection of comfort and well-being programmes with atmospheric audio accompaniment and on-screen animation as well as appropriate actuation of vehicle functions-
Situational recommendation of comfort programmes
Possibility to connect compatible wearables
OTA functions already familiar from the EQS Saloon
Increase in the rear-axle steering angleUp to 10° steering angle for an even smaller turning circle
·       Beginner's driving modeBoth modes have smoother driving characteristics with slower acceleration. The maximum speed is limited to approx. 120 or 80 km/h.
·       Parking service modeActivation and deactivation are protected via the Mercedes me profiles.
DashcamMBUX Augmented Reality Navigation[4]
AMG Track PaceWith the help of lap, sector and acceleration times as well as telemetry data, driving skills can be analysed and improved on closed-off tracks.Hard-disc navigation
Individualisation packageAdditional "Roaring Pulse" Sound ExperienceDigital Light
Several entertaining mini-games such as Sudoku, Pairs and Shuffle Puck
More coming-home/leaving light animations such as "Brand World".