Opullence, it has it: The $1.5 million 900 HP Scaldarsi Motors EMPEROR

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The Scaldarsi Motors EMPEROR is not what you would call a subtle remake of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. On the contrary! It costs a whopping $ 1.5 million and comes with 900 hp, a 24-karat golden grille and wheels the size of Texas.

If you want a big limousine, the S-class Mercedes is a good choice. If that is not large enough, you can go for the long-wheelbase version. Still not enough space and luxury? Then opt for the Maybach version. For more speed, there is a Brabus version of that car. And if you find that your wealth is not showcased well enough, there is always the Emperor of Scaldarsi Motors.

Basically a Mercedes-Benz Maybach Rocket 900, the Emperor is based on the Mercedes-Maybach S 600. This ultimate superlative is hardly recognizable as an S-Class anymore because Scaldarsi Motors has really pumped, exaggerated or knocked out every body panel. The huge grille stands out the most, but also the side view is shocking ue to the prominent wheel arches and huge alloys.

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Objectivity requires us to withhold our judgment, but let’s say that the result is not a sensibly looking limo. Behold the plethora of copper-colored accents and crazy color combinations reminiscent of the kind of luxury that get from tuning companies like the Russian Dartz. The interior sets forth that line and swathed in crocodile skin-like pattern with Scaldarsi offering up to 24 different exotic animals for the coating. In combination with a choice of 78 types of wood you will definitely have a great time configuring this beast. Copper and gold accents must also be there to convey the ultimate feeling of luxury.

scaldarsi-motors-emperor (6)Under the hood Scaldarsi kept the Rocket 900 technology intact, which means that the mighty V12 produces 900 horsepower and nearly 1,200 Nm on the road. Only 10 units will be made, but Scaldarsi is already planning remakes of the Mercedes-AMG S 65 Coupé, the Mercedes G 65 AMG and – crazy- Bugatti Chiron.

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