Only a smart can take the place of a smart

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A smart fortwo comes out from a side parking spot. Who will be able to squeeze in its place? Remember, the smart fortwo only measures 2,69m.

Volkswagen’s tiniest car, the Up!, is the first to try to compress into the parking space. But oops!… The Up! hits the Mercedes behind and the alarm goes off. Hope not all the residents of the street noticed how Das Auto caused damage.

A Renault Twingo also makes an attempt to squash itself. Oh, if only this huge C-Class would have parked a little more… on the other side of the road!

smart parking 3

A Fiat 500 driver notices the vacant parking spot, but moves on. There’s no way the Italian, even though it features microscoping dimensions, can find enough room in there.

How about a Mini Cooper? Nope. Too tight. Only maybe if we cut off pillar A… Next, please!

smart parking 4

A Peugeot?… Surely next time, when one of the cars at the front or at the back goes away. Now it can only fit it if the drivers puts half of the car on the pedestrian side.

The last car to pass by the empty place is an immense limousine. Last before the new smart comes in and perfectly fits in the short gap. Well, that parking spot was custom made!

With a 2,69 meter length, a 1,66 meter width and a turning circle of only 6,95 meters, the new smart – just as the former model – is truly an urban joy, in our ever expanding cities. It can fit just about anywhere.

The new itsy-bitsy vehicle from Mercedes, that is planning to take on the world, comes with improved road manners and upgraded connectivity. If you wish to find out more about the smart ride, click here for the first smart drive test!