Only a Mercedes-Benz CLS can pull off such a look!

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How do you get away with a car all covered up in burgundy paintwork, set up with some bronze wheels and still make it look good? Well, that’s not so complicated if the car is a Mercedes-Benz CLS, looking neat in just about anything.

The Mercedes-Benz CLS already looks like it’s been tweaked and upgraded over and over again by the Germans themselves. But the aftermarket specialist Misha Design has just found an open road for some changes. Check out the CLS body kit developed by the Americans.

The CLS 4-door coupe looks even more aggressive now that it is wrapped up in a war-like armour, which includes a new front bumper, revised front fenders, new side skirts, a discrete boot spoiler, new rear bumper and diffuser, as well as eye-catching hood vents. By the famed Misha Design tradition, all these add some extra spice to the already super sporty design.

Mercedes-Benz CLS Misha Design

With an amazing burgundy shade metallic finish sprayed onto the sleek lines of the vehicle, the CLS runs on a set of brushed bronze 22-inch Savini “Black di Forza” BM9 wheels, which some might say are a bit too big. Well, more than a bit, considering they virtually shine in the sun like gold. To round up their royal gothic stylish image, a black star rises in the center of the grille. It is definitely not your ordinary silver, white or black CLS, is it now?