Online Vehicle Registration Renewal Florida: Everything You Need to Know

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In order to successfully renew your registration in the state of Florida, you are required to have specified levels of auto insurance coverage. You are required to have at the very least a liability policy. This is the bare minimum. In the event of a collision, the costs associated with the other vehicle(s) and driver(s) or motorist(s) are covered by this sort of insurance policy.

It is highly advised that you maintain a policy with coverages that will cover the price of your repairs as well as any medical bills, but doing so is not needed in order for you to renew your registration. Directly working with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, you can update your information in a number of different ways (FLDHSMV).

Ways of Florida Vehicle Registration Renewal Process:

There are three different ways you can take in order to keep your automobile registration current:

  • In order to save Floridians, the trouble, the state of Florida provides them with a specialized online platform that makes the process of renewing their registration simple and hassle-free.
  • A specialized mobile app is available for users who want to renew their registration or register a vessel or vehicle that is qualified for the service.
  • You can consider following the “old-school way” by simply going to any motor vehicle service shop in the state to renew their credential. This “old-fashioned way” is still an option.

Renew Through Online Platform

MyDMV Portal allows customers to get one or two-year registration renewals for motor vehicles and watercraft online. Additionally, the website allows customers to obtain a duplicate registration in the event that the customer’s original registration is misplaced or stolen. In order for the client to log in and complete the transaction, the customer is required to supply personal identifying information of the owner of the vehicle and/or vessel. It’s also important to point out that you can pay using a credit card if you choose to. Customers who use the MyDMV Portal to complete their transactions will have their registrations mailed to them within seven to ten business days of the completion of the transaction. There is a processing fee added on to the entire amount of the transaction, which is $2.00.

To successfully use the online option for renewing your vehicle registration that eTags provides, you will need to:

  • Please provide the details about your vehicle.
  • Be sure to mention your date of birth (or the date of registration if a company-owned vehicle).
  • Write the four last numbers of your social security code.
  • Make sure you pay both your renewal charge and the convenience fee for renewing your tag online.

Renew Through Mobile Application

When the time comes to renew vehicle registration in Florida, the Sunshine State has a specialized mobile application called MyFlorida that streamlines and simplifies the procedure for you. The best aspect is that clients can use FLHSMV’s mobile application to renew up to five vehicles and/or vessels at once for a period of one or two years with only one processing charge each time.

Customers must present either their license plate, the vehicle identification number (VIN), or the hull identification number (HIN) for the car and/or vessel that they wish to register in order to successfully complete the transaction and renew their registration for the vehicle. No registration will be issued for the vehicle or vessel if the FLHSMV is unable to verify that it has current insurance coverage.

Clients are able to safely renew their registration for eligible vehicles or vessels using the MyFlorida application, which is accessible on all mobile devices (iPhone, Android, etc.) and is available to customers statewide. Customers will obtain a digital document to use as a placeholder until they receive their physical registration in the mail. Customers who plan to pay with a credit card are assessed a processing fee of $4.00 for each transaction, while customers who pay with a checking account are assessed a fee of $3.75 for each transaction.

Final Thoughts

When the vehicle’s registration date has already passed, you should under no circumstances get behind the wheel. You run the danger of being given a monetary penalty. When it is time for you to renew your registration, the DMV will, in addition, charge you an additional late or overdue renewal fee if you have not done so in a timely manner. You will have the choice to update your registration three (3) months before it is set to expire. Make judicious use of this grace period so that you can avoid having to renew your registration too close to its expiration date and risk having your vehicle’s license plate suspended.