One week to go. 2017 Mercedes E-Class and all its derivatives

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With one week to go until the big reveal, new details about the 2017 Mercedes E-Class and the suprisingly wide range of derivatives expected to populate the rejuvenated family emerge.

The fifth generation E-Class will materialize the Swabians plan of a full atack against the competitors from BMW and Audi, also preparing to replace their respective 5 Series and A6 limos in 2016. The sedan will not be alone for long, of course, as the new E-Class line-up will reunite the Limousine (March 2016), T-Modell (mid-2016), Coupe (March 2017) and Convertible (september 2017) variants.

And this is not all. In addition, Mercedes is working on a fifth derivative of the E-Class, the successor to the CLS (March 2018) and – instead of the Shooting Brake; the revolutionary AMG GT4 based on Mercedes junior supercar (september 2018). What is missing in the program? Perhaps an MPV in the vein of the R-Class, perhaps a pure electric vehicle in the E-class format.

The new E-Class will be unveiled on the 11th of January, at the 2016 NAIAS Detroit motor show. The only official information released so far concerns the secrets behind the interior of the fifth generation E-Class.

In the cockpit, Mercedes has come up with a new operating concept for the W213 with the safety and comfort reconciled. In other words: The driver can control all relevant systems without taking his hands off the wheel. The secret of the innovative ergonomics consists of two touch-sensitive touchpad integrated into the steering wheel spokes. These accept commands in four directions, which must then be confirmed by pressing a button. The left spoke cares about vehicle-related functions, the right to infotainment and navigation.

As an additional tool, gesture control and a large dual-touch screen arrangement are also at hand with the voice control and the center console remaining as secondary user interface utilities. Two screens, each measuring 12.3 inches in diagonal serve as visual confirmation of the dexterity of the pilots showing speedometer, navigation and all relevant driving data. The driver can choose between three modes “Classic”, “Sport” and “Progressive”, the screens can be illuminated via ambient lighting in 64 colors. Base models are fitted with an analog tachometer and a central display with a 21.3 cm diagonal.

On the design front, the cockpit with its four air vents in the center strongly closely resembles that of the larger S-Class. We will learn more next week, when the 2017 Mercedes E-Class becomes reality as Mercedes has already teased right before the New Year’s Eve. SEE THE TEASER VIDEO AND SKETCH HERE.

Video: Walko on youtube