One night at the Europa Park.

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The Mercedes cars have escaped into the park! They are all free to drive around the alleys of the biggest amusement park in Germany and second in Europe after the Disneyland in Paris.

It might look a bit spooky to drive around Europa Park at midnight, but these Mercedes-Benz cars are fearless. We bring you the most interesting photos of the night quest.

The bull has just entered in the arena. But there is no bullfighter. They all fled at the sight of the bullish G-Class.

Mike Crawat Photography The Bull in the Arena

Source: Mike Crawat Photography

And wait! Is that grandma’s gingerbread house? And since when is she driving a black A 45 AMG?


The S-Class German limousine is silently heading for the roller coaster, driving along the cobbled alleys of the German Park.

Europa Park 3

Horse power and black horse. What a great team they’re making together! Black and white, just like Yin and Yang.

Instagram user @thilow

Instagram user @thilow

The black SLS AMG is ready for takeoff. Wings widely spread. Sorry! Doors wide open.

Europa Park 7 SLS AMG

Since night has fallen, we’ll be silent now and let you enjoy the amazing photo gallery of the fantasy cars in fantasy land.

Europa Park has no less than twelve roller coasters. Together with other attractions, the park can accommodate up to almost 50 000 guests per day. 5 million visitors enjoyed the exciting park in 2014, generating an estimated total revenue of over 300 million euros. The Park is open all year long.

Check out the Mercedes-Benz video-shooting to decide if you want to go there!