One more for the collection: Mercedes-AMG GT R wins VDI lightweight design award

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The performance model Mercedes-AMG GT R adds one more award to its already plentiful collection: it is the first VDI lightweight design trophy awarded for the supercar’s intelligent construction material mix.

The Mercedes-AMG GT R consistently makes use of new, innovate composite materials and futuristic processing technologies, together with state-of-the-art development procedures in order to further reduce the weight and optimize performance.

Extensive use of magnesium, aluminium and carbon fiber are equivalent to weight reduction in order to enhance the dynamics of the vehicle. The AMG performance house embedded a new principle according to which the right material must be used in the right place. This is how the Mercedes-AMG GT R ended up 12.5 kilograms lighter than the base vehicle, even though it features various enhanced safety and performance elements that would normally make it heavier.

The static and dynamic stiffness have also undergone improvements, along with the aerodynamic downforce. It was quite a test for the engineers’ team, having to make use of the latest technologies to prepare cost-efficient use of carbon fiber structures for larger volumes as well.

Mechanical lightweight constructions have intelligently fitted so that the future driver of the GT R will be able to keep the 585 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque under full control.

It has been the first time for the VDI (Association of German Engineers) lightweight design congress to award the trophy.

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  • Alan Cecil says:

    This is amazing car .Mercedes-AMG GT R is my favorite car. It’s have high power engine.This car model very beautiful.