One big happy SUV family

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The Mercedes-Benz big happy SUV family is turning into a true dynasty, with the fearless genes of a pure-blood DNA. Starting with the 35-year old and everalasting Mercedes-Benz G-Class and moving into the future with the futuristic SUV Coupes, the Mercedes SUVs are bringing impressive off-road capability and the sensation of being almighty.

After showing off with their best seller, the compact cars, Mercedes-Benz is launching the new campaign to promote their SUV big happy family. Five SUVs show up in the video, but with the new GLS in the pipeline, the Mercedes-Benz SUV family will be expanding to six members.

The marketing experts are linking each SUV to a world-famous celebrity and lifestyle. The script follows a motivational text and scenic views, starting with the daredevil that tames the gigantic waves, Garrett McNamara, by his board built by none other than Mercedes-Benz from innovative materials and futuristic techniques. The American pro-surfer, who holds a couple of world records at sea, is driving the Mercedes-Benz GLA, in search of the perfect wave.

Garrett McNamara SUV family

Next, the video shows the 2-time and soon to be 3-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, driving the new Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe along a winding road in the racing style, looking for the best gear for the upcoming corner. Hamilton has just nailed another win at Spa-Francorchamp and is now 28 points ahead of teammate Nico Rosberg. Watch the whole advertisement with the Brit behind the wheel, right here.

Leewis Hamilton SUV family

And next in line, there is Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, with her GLE SUV, the American-born German woman in front of whom obstacles simply melt, when she is riding. Or driving. She’s got five beautiful horses and lives in a family of champions herself, just like the car she is driving. From the magical world of horse-back riding, we are going straight into the fascinating land of fashion.

Meredith SUV family

Czech supermodel, television host, author and philanthropist Petra Nemcova is expecting us to share her heart-melting story. Scouted in the streets of Prague 20 years ago, she’s been to hell and back: the model was in Thailand when the tsunami hit in 2004. She was badly injured and her then fiancé drowned. She is now living a life out this world, accompanied by her Mercedes-Benz GLC.

Petra Nemcova SUV family

It all ends with adventurer Mike Horn. Actually, “When others reach the end of the road, he starts the adventure”, as he is the man confronting storms, deep rivers, snow and sky-high mountains onboard his G-Class, to go all the way from Switzerland to Pakistan. Check his incredible story right here.

Mike Horn SUV family