Old-school G-Class – Childhood memories of the oldest SUV

Mercedes-Benz G-Class
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The Mercedes G-Class is by far the most long-lasting SUV model. Its exterior has not gone through major changes along its over 50-decade life, since the 70s, when it was first introduced. But the tank-like vehicle has not turned into the stars’ favorite for nothing. Its interior provides luxury, comfort and the sensation of being almighty, that no other car can give.

But how did the vintage Gs look back then? Well, we’ve got the chance to see a retro interior all build up by Carlex Design. The inspiration was not found in the first era of the G-Class though, but in that of the late 80s and early 90s.

Vintage G-Class

The interior is all wrapped up in wood and leather trims, with a worn out look, even on the air-vents, while the roof is headlined with brown velvet-like nubuck. Have they run out of genuine leather? Anyway, everything goes in place, as it is a pretty ancient G463 model, that saw the light of day back in 1990.

And it makes no sense to look for anything made of plastic in this cabin and no round-shaped commuters: all is angular about the G, on the outside and on the inside. Instead, there is the massive stitching not with thread, but with thick leather strips.

Vintage G-Class 4

To give a helping hand to the busy people of the hectic days of our times, Carlex Design fitted some covers and belts to hold papers and various documents in their old-school G-Class. As you have already guessed, they are all made of leather, too.

The people in Carlex Design keeps the identity of the owner a secret, but still gives us a clue about his personality: he is a “dedicated traveler and a man curious about the world.” Yep, that makes sense.

Now we just have to wait for the moment Kim Kardashian – being just as curious about the world herself – will be ordering a new G-Class with a vintage interior.