Old Mercedes-Benz S-Class with Tesla Model S-inspired yoke

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An old Mercedes-Benz S-Class got the very controversial Tesla Model S-inspired yoke. How does it actually drive now? Just don’t try this at home. It’s dumb and dangerous.

Mat Watson from CarWow tried it. Not at home though, but on an abandoned runway, where he simply chopped off the upper part of the steering wheel. Well, actually, not that “simply”. Cutting it off was far from simple.

He kicked it. Used a bat to tear it up. Even tried with it with a reciprocating saw. Furthermore, he improvised a flame thrower with a deodorant and a lighter. Nothing worked.

An edit cut away, and the upper part of the steering wheel was gone. Experts stepped in for the mission.

And the dumb fun begins. Mat tries to escape a tight parking space. It’s no easy thing for the British car journalist. He needs to turn that yoke times and times again to set the car-free, after touching the bumpers of the cars in front and at the rear. Parking sensors go bananas.

While on the road, it’s easy to hold it in a straight line, but roundabouts are quite a challenge. He finds himself grabbing the air, because there is half of the steering wheel missing.

On a closed controlled circuit, he hits a dummy that plays the part of a pedestrian. We have our doubts he could have avoided that with a normal steering wheel though.

Mercedes-Benz with Tesla yoke – dangerous and absurd

Mat takes the absurdity to a whole new level performing CPR on the dummy and then putting her in the passenger seat.

The video is full of warnings and comes with the only intent of entertaining viewers. The video editor even used some special sound effects to bring in that scary laugh that we hear in horror movies so often. So this is by no means a tutorial for those who want a Tesla Model S-inspired yoke in their S-Class. The car was never designed to drive like that.

The same yoke-style steering wheel will be available on the Cybertruck and the Model S. But on a Mercedes, it’s just scary.