Official: the first sketch of the new Mercedes S-Class Cabrio

Mercedes S-Class Cabrio
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Mercedes will present the new S-Class Cabrio at the 2015 Frankfurt motorshow and has shown the first design sketch.

Mercedes claims that the new S-Class Cabrio is the first luxury four seater convertible since 1971. The new Cabrio will be offered in parallel with the SL roadster.

Based on the two-door S-Class Coupe, the cabrio will compete with bottom-end Bentley convertibles.

As we expect, the new cabrio will feature four full size seats with rollover protection behind the rear seats, a textile roof fully electric and perfectly integrated in the space behind rear seats and a cockpit carried over from the S-Class Coupe.

The rear part and the taillights are inspired from the S-Coupe as our spy pictures revealed.

The S-Class Cabrio raise to six the number of versions based on the current S-Class platform after the saloon with long and short wheelbase, coupe, Maybach and Pullman.

The S-Class Cabrio model range will include also the AMG versions S 63 AMG and S 65 AMG and both will be shown at Frankfurt motorshow as we already inform here.