Official: New Mercedes EQS with up to 770 km range and integral steering as standard

Mercedes EQS with integral steering as standard
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Mercedes has published all the official information about the new luxury electric saloon, the new Mercedes EQS.

A new era begins for Mercedes. The German luxury manufacturer today presented the first model built on a dedicated electric platform. The MEA  platform (code name EVA II) is the basis of the new luxury sedan Mercedes EQS.

Two versions of the new Mercedes EQS at the start, AMG will follow

Three versions will be available at the start and later an AMG version will follow.
– EQS 450+ with 245 kW / 568 Nm, 107.8 kWh battery and rear wheel drive.
– EQS 580 4Matic with 385 kW / 855 Nm, 107.8 kWh battery and all-wheel drive.
– An AMG version with 560 kW.

The basic version will have rear-wheel drive and the top version will have 4Matic all-wheel drive and the Torque Shift function we wrote about here.

Electric motors are permanently excited synchronous motors (PSM) and are water cooled. With the PSM, the rotor of the AC motor is fitted with permanent magnets. Therefore they do not need to be supplied with power. The huge battery can be charged at a 200 kW DC station in only 31 minutes. Meanwhile, charging time at 11/22 kW AC station is of 10/5 hours. Batteries has a guarantee of 10 years and 250,000 km.

Mercedes EQS 450+ will accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.2 seconds and top speed is 210 km/h. WLTP consumption is between 15.7 and 20.4 kWh/100 km. The EQS 580 4Matic + version with all-wheel drive accelerates from 0 to 100 km /h in 4.3 seconds. That makes it 0.2 seconds faster than the S 500 4Matic. It has a consumption between 17.4 and 21.8 kWh/100 km.

The driver can choose from four degrees of energy recovery with the help of the paddles on the steering wheel. These are D Auto, D +, D and D-. The EQS can charge with up to 200 kW at DC stations and up to 22 kW at AC stations. Mercedes-Benz reps claim that the model only needs 15 minutes to recharge for up to 300 km.

The new Mercedes EQS features integral steering with 4.5 degrees steering angle is standard 

Like the S-Class, the Mercedes EQS is available with integral steering. But unlike the S-Class, the Mercedes EQS is standardly equipped with the integral steering with a steering angle of 4.5 degrees. The steering angle of 10 degrees is optional. The steering with an angle of 10 degrees can be ordered from the beginning or activated over the air after purchase. This allows a turning circle of only 10.9 meters.

The MEA platform takes over the axles from the conventional MRA platform used in the C and S-Class. Thus, in front we find the four-link axle that separates the suspension from the steering and in the rear the axle is multilink. Adaptive air suspension Airmatic is standard.

If necessary, the ground clearance can be raised up to 25 millimeters, and to increase efficiency, the body automatically lowers at constantly higher speeds.

More standard equipment for the EQS than in the S-Class 

Mercedes EQS takes over from S-Class some innovations that have debuted on the luxury limousine such as:
– Digital Light headlights (standard from Advanced Plus equipment)
– Drive Pilot (third level of autonomous driving which will allow to drive in conditionally automated mode at up to 60 km/h. It is active where traffic density is high or in tailbacks on suitable motorway sections, initially in Germany)
– Energizing Comfort with three additional programs Energizing nature programs (Forest Glade, Sound of the Sea and Summer Rain)
– automatic comfort doors with a new function. When the driver approaches the car first of all the door handles extend. If the driver approaches further the driver’s door opens automatically. Using MBUX, the driver is also able to open the rear doors, for example, to let in children in front of the school.

Mercedes-EQ, EQS 580 4MATIC

As long as the S-Class

The Mercedes EQS is almost as long as the long version of the Mercedes S-Class. Thus, the Mercedes EQS has a length/width/ height of 5216/1926/1512 mm while the American version is 5265 mm long.

By comparison, the dimensions of the long-wheelbase S-Class are 5289/1954/1503 mm. The standard saloon is being 73 mm longer (only 23 mm longer than the American version), 28 mm wider and 9 mm less tall.  Mercedes does reveal the wheelbase of EQS. So we cannot make a comparison with the S-Class. But from the first official photos, we can see there is a very large kneeroom in the rear. However, it is difficult to say if the kneeroom is bigger than the one in the long-wheelbase S-Class.

Mercedes-EQ, EQS, V 297, 2021Mercedes-EQ, EQS, V 297, 2021

Although the length is almost identical to the S-Class, the EQS looks much more compact thanks to the one bow design. EQS has a coupe-like silhouette combined with a slim and low front and frameless doors that accentuate the idea of the coupe. The black panel grille is a design feature of the Mercedes EQ range.

The trunk volume is extremely generous, being between 610 and 1770 liters. By comparison, the S-Class offers only 550 liters. We must also note that unlike the S-Class, the Mercedes EQS has a tailgate which gives it very easy access to the huge trunk. Due to the very large battery, the kerbweight is 2480 kg in the basic version and 2585 kg in the 4Matic version. But despite the large weight, the payload allows long trips for 4 people and their luggage: at least 465 kg for the basic version and 475 kg for the 4Matic.

Two equipment lines for the new Mercedes EQS

Mercedes EQS is available with two equipment lines in addition to the basic one: AMG Line Exterior and Electric Art Exterior. 19-inch wheels are standard on the base version, AMG has 19-inch or 20-inch wheels with 5 spokes and Electric Art has 20-inch wheels with 5 spokes. Optionally, rims up to 22 inches are available.

Hyperscreen optional with new functions

As we announced, the Mercedes EQS comes standard with the 12.8-inch screen from S-Class and optionally offers the sensational Hyperscreen that incorporates three screens under the same glass. With a memory of 24 Gb RAM, this is the most sophisticated multimedia system ever available in a car.

Mercedes-EQ, EQS, V 297, 2021Mercedes-EQ, EQS, V 297, 2021

Hyperscreen is not practically a single 1.41-meter giant display but consists of three high-resolution OLED screens: two 12.3-inch, one for the  instrument cluster and one for the passenger and the third  center screen with a 17.7-inch diagonal.

The total width of the screen is 141 cm and the total area is 2432 cm3.
The menu structure and functionality are familiar and similar to those of the S-Class but there are additional functions related to electric mobility. In addition, the color scheme for the displays is blue-orange.

Hyperscreen allows, for example, the passenger on the right to watch a movie on his screen, the rear passenger to transfer his MBUX functions on his screen and the driver has at his disposal what Mercedes called Zero Layer.

Zero Layer means that the most important and most frequently used functions can be operated directly through sub-menus without scrolling and clicking.

Mercedes has not yet announced the prices for EQS but we estimate a starting price of 110,000 euros for EQS 450+. The prices will be communicated in the summer, and the deliveries will start from August 2021.
By 2022 Mercedes will invest 10 billion euros in electric mobility, will electrify the entire conventional range and will have 10 electric models in total.