Obsession with an Icon – Mercedes-Benz launches fashion campaign

Mercedes-Benz fashion
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Mercedes-Benz is launching the 2016 Autumn/Winter campaign entitled „Obsession with an Icon”. An American photographer, a Russian super model and a Japanese designer set up the new Mercedes-Benz fashion campaign, featuring Stuttgart’s latest creation: the Mercedes-Benz SL facelift.

The photos and video were shot in Miami, Florida, by the famous photographer Jeff Bark, who showcased his high-octane use of color ad pop-edged hyper-realistic style to display the SL cabriolet as never seen before.

“For me, my photography is only about light and colour, so in this case I wanted to light the car to emphasize its form and three-dimensional qualities, but having the latex as a second skin”, Jeff Bark explains.

The peacock blue latex works by designer Atsuko Kudo highlight the sensual curves of the Mercedes convertible in precise detail.

Atsuko Kudo is famous on the fashion business, for having worked with fashion VIP icons like Beyonce, Kate Moss and Lady Gaga. Obsession with an Icon (11)When she was proposed to work on the Mercedes-Benz campaign, she immediately felt a connection with the car. Therefore, the SL was wrapped in 130 square meters of custom-made latex, consisting of five separate sheets, that were meticulously glued to the car and polished by hand, inch by inch.

The blond diva in the video, Natasha Poly, is wearing a matching blue latex outfit.

“I am very proud and honored to have become a member of this amazing family at Mercedes-Benz, introducing this iconic car. I feel powerful in this dress, like a superhero. I feel strong and sexy at the same time”, Natasha tells her side of the story.

“Like no other model, the SL embodies the myth of Mercedes-Benz. Just think of the legendary 300 SL or the Pagoda– everlasting vehicles. Icons such as the SL are timeless and redefine themselves through innovative design over and over again and they often polarize”, said Dr Jens Thiemer, Vice President Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars.

The shooting location was especially selected to emphasize the contrast with the elegant lines of the SL.

Obsession with an Icon

The video shows short glimpses of the car, as the sound of the engine revs wake up the all-dressed-up-in-latex diva Natasha. The car must have escaped its latex trap and she flashes with anger, rushing back to her surveillance center. On a monitor, she spies on the car rolling around the property. She goes straight to the car park to find the Mercedes-Benz SL trapped and tamed under its cover. That is her Obsession with an Icon.