Now it’s OFFICIAL! The Mercedes-Benz CLS is finally here!

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The wait is finally over. After interminable teasing, the all-new Mercedes-Benz CLS shows what the camouflage used to hide. Mercedes has scheduled the official reveal for tomorrow, at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

California has to wait. The whole world already gets to see the 2018 Mercedes-Benz CLS, with aggressive, sleek, yet elegant silhouette, integrating new headlights and taillights that make it look more svelte than ever, yet keeping its solid stance on the ground.


With a Cd of 0.26, the CLS coupe melts the sharp edges of the sensual silhouette that starts with a striking front-end that includes the diamond grille widening towards the base, split in two by a single louver, supporting the 3-pointed star.

The side lines are individualized by a high arching waistline, a low greenhouse and frameless typically coupe-ish side windows. A broad muscular shoulder line melts into the flat rear end. Mercedes fitted the CLS with a stylish coupe rear end, with two-section LED taillights with Edgelight backlight, reflectors positioned in the rear bumper, the registration number plate in the rear bumper and the brand’s star at the center of the boot lid.


Clear contours and reduced lines mark the appearance of the third generation of the 4-door coupe that left the world in awe back in 2003, when it first set wheel on the ground.

On the inside, the world’s first 4-door coupe comes with basic pure lines and color combinations that emphasize tha spaciousness of the car that, for the first time, has turned into a five-seater, with seats exclusively designed for this very model. The CLS features the dual screen layout with two 12.3-inch displays beneath a single glass surface, while the illuminated air vets are reminiscent of jet aircraft turbines. The driver has the liberty to configure the information content into Classic, Sport and Progressive styles, according to the driving situation.



The ambient lighting is adjustable in 64 colors and it include the air vents that change color depending on the temperature setting of the AC, going into red for warmer temperatures or blue for cooler ones.

The ENERGIZING comfort control, optionally available, uses the functions of the climate control system, including fragrancing, and the functions of the seats (heating, ventilation, massage), the steering wheel heating, as well as the lighting and musical atmosphere to create a wellness set-up customized depending on the mood of the occupants. Six programs are available: Freshness, Warmth, Vitality, Joy, Comfort and Training.


The CLS comes with the technology borrowed from the upper class, the S, the Intelligent Drive system that incorporates the latest generation of driving assistance systems, with route-based driver support provided by the Driving Assistance Package. The Active Brake Assist, the Lane Keeping Assist, the Attention Assst, the Speed Limit Assist and the occupant protection system PRE-SAFE are fitted as standard, as well as the PRE-SAFE Sound that made its debut with the E-Class.

The ultra-smart CLS can automatically adjust speed ahead of bends or junctions and can automatically change lanes. Upon imminent impact, the PRE-SAFE Impulse system prepares occupants for a side impact, reducing the injury hazard. In stop & go traffic on motorways and similar roads, stops of up to 30 seconds are now possible, during which time the CLS starts moving again automatically and follows the traffic (in conjunction with Active Parking Assist).

The CLS is a pioneer in terms of lighting, as the ULTRA RANGE high beam of the MULTIBEAM LED headlamps generate the maximum light intensity permitted by the law.


The CLS models come with a completely range of engines. Three six-cylinder power units will be available on market launch:

CLS 350 d 4MATIC CLS 400 d 4MATIC CLS 450 4MATIC
Number of cylinders/ arrangement 6/in-line 6/in-line 6/in-line
Displacement (cc) 2925 2925 2999
Rated output (kW/hp) 210/286 250/340 270/367
Add. output from EQ Boost (kW/hp) 16/22
Rated torque (Nm) 600 700 500
Add. torque from EQ Boost (Nm) 250
Combined fuel consumption

(l/100 km)[1]

5.6 5.6 7.5
Combined CO2 emissions (g/km)2 148 148 178
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s) 5.7 5.0 4.8

The comfort of the plush interior is supplemented by the four-link front suspension and the five-link rear suspension, optionally provided. Also optional, the DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL suspension has a sporty basic setup including adjustable damping on both axles. The driver can select from Comfort, Sport and Sport+.

The 2018 Mercedes-Benz CLS is available as an Edition 1 model for around one year after the market launch. The model comes with a multitude of luxury features fitted as standard, like COPPER ART interior with seats in black pearl nappa leather, copper contrasting topstitching on the center console, seats, armrests, dashboard and door linings and a diamond grille with matt chrome pins and a louver with a copper shimmer. All engines can be fitted under the hood of the Edition 1.


The exterior benefits from the presence of the AMG Line elements, including MULTIBEAM LED headlamps and 20-inch multi-spoke AMG light alloy wheels in black. The model also stands out with the “Edition 1” lettering on the front wings.