No regrets for Mercedes-Benz! It was worth every cent!

Mercedes-AMG GT
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Mercedes-Benz has no regrets for paying $9 million dollars for being on TV for just 60 seconds during the Super Bowl. The search increase of the car shown in the advertisement increased with 3,107% on the AutoTrader website!

That would be the biggest increase attained by the brands that aired TV commercials during the Super Bowl. Everybody was hoping to break through to the general public and elevate the brand image, but still, this is way better than their wildest dreams.

The Mercedes-Benz 60-second video ad competed against some of the most important car brands in the world on Sunday evening, with a twist of the classic Aesop fable, “The Tortoise and the Hare”. Only 30 seconds of the in-game ad space was evaluated at $4,5 million dollars, a record price. But there was also a record audience, with 114 million people switching on to NBC to watch the NFL final. Right after the great finale of the season, the audience was first rated to 112,8 million viewers, but it turned out way above last year’s record of 111 million. This year’s Super Bowl was actually best viewed program in the television history.

Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl

Of all car makers that broadcast commercials on the 1st of February, the Lexus NX came in second, with a 2,069 percent search increase on the same website.

BMW promoted their all-electric i3 model and their increase was quite disappointing for the Munich brand. They have only seen a 433 percent increase.

AutoTrader analyzed the search activity one hour after each commercial was on and compared it to the hour prior to the game.

“Two years ago, Mercedes-Benz advertised an upcoming model – a $29,000 CLA – clearly aimed at younger buyers,” said Michelle Krebs, senior analyst at in Atlanta. “Shopping for that car went through the roof on all third-party shopping sites and the vehicle wasn’t even on sale yet.”

Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl

Mercedes-Benz targeted the opposite end of the buyers, by showing the AMG GT S, not exactly one of the cheapest models, since prices start at $129 900 in the US.

The increase is also the highest percentage increase the car shopping website has ever lived through.