No Mercedes-AMG hypercar anytime soon due to lack of staff

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Hoping for AMG to come up with its own hypercar? Stop dreaming! The performance arm of Mercedes says no such model is in the works, not now and not in the immediate future either.

The notion of a super-AMG sports car, a model placed above the current Mercedes-AMG GT has been shot down by the AMG chief himself, Tobias Moers. So, in short, no LaFerrari or McLaren P1 killer with a three-pointed star on its bonnet anytime soon.

Ironically enough, lack of engineering staff, not prowess, seems to be the reasoning behind the unpopular decision. “If we want to build a hypercar, in the near future, unfortunately there is no capacity, not enough engineers, and for this reason alone such a car can not come to life in the coming years,” Moers explained in an interview with Autoblog.

According to the head of Mercedes-AMG, a halo hypercar simply doesn’t make financial sense right now. “We’re not coming to that point. I think a hypercar is always bad on a business case,” he said.

So, here you have it. The McLaren P1, Porsche 918 and LaFerrari won’t be joined by an AMG hypercar in their quest for world domination. And Mercedes-AMG is not alone in its decision to say no to such a halo model. BMW also shows no signs that it wants to launch a full-on attack on the famous trio, not before 2020 the least.