Nissan GT-R tried to kill the C-Class. Twice (video)

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A seemingly amateur Nissan GT-R driver from Hong-Kong proves that power is nothing without control. What he managed to do is basically rear-end a brand-new Mercedes-Benz C-Class not once, but twice.

According to on-site reports, both drivers failed to spot the red light in time. The outcome was foreseeable. As soon as the Mercedes braked like there was no tomorrow, the GT-R failed to do the same and hit it hard.

But wait, this is not all! The Nissan didn’t stop completely after the first accident, so it crashed again into the back of the unsuspecting white C-Class. Oh, we probably forgot to mention the GT-R was no less that a test-drive car, put into the wrong hands of an over-evaluated driver. This can only prove that Einstein was indeed right and that the universe’s sheer size is only surpassed by that of human stupidity.

Judge for yourself after watching the video below.