Night of the Stars at the Mercedes-Benz Museum

Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart
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A kitchen in a museum and all open to visit? There must be something tricky about it. Our night guardian at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart takes us to meet Chef Rolf Fliegauf.

Surprisingly, Uke is teaching the Michelin star chef hwo to cook his signature dish. It’s just bacon rolled around a salami slice. Oh, that was… exquisite!

Night of the starsOnce the lesson is over, the real chef takes control. He is the one teaching Uke how to cook and showing him a special dish for every special night at the museum restaurant.

Why are we in the kitchen of the Benz museum, you must wonder. So did we, at first. Until we understood they are preparing for the Night of the Stars, an exclusive dining event, taking place from Tuesday to Sunday, in the Casino on the top level of the Mercedes-Benz Museum. The Casino will be transformed into a gourmet restaurant, where only 60 guests can fit in. But will the guests have anything left to eat, since Uke is already stealing from the plates behind the chef’s back? And he finishes his special tour with a drink. “Prost!” he says and that would be “Cheers!” in English.

Hopefully not lacking inspiration, in the end of this week’s video, Uke is asking his viewers to tell him exactly what they wish to see from the Mercedes-Benz museum.