Nico Rosberg has found new jobs! Formula 1 World Champion is a cinema employee

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The world’s fastest man on four wheels, Nico Rosberg, has just switched from motorracing to a cinema employee. First he is a popcorn sales assistant, then he is the ticket seller and he ends up being a cleaning man.

“Nico, the weather is too beaad, I don’t think anybody is coming, we can close up for tonight”, his manager says disapponted.

“Well, boss, I’m not so sure”, employer Nico Rosberg dares to contradict his boss and keeps putting popcorn in the popcorn buckets.


In the second video that brings the world champion to the screen, the cinema manager considers closing the cinema, because nobody will come due to the bad weather anyway. But the ticket seller keeps cleaning the 3D glasses, without losing his patience.

A cinema employee is polishing the cinema theater floor, when the manager suggests that he finishes up for the day. Guess who’s the cleaning man! Yes, it is the 2016 Formula 1 world champion!

The three videos starring Nico Rosberg are part of the “Snow Date” campaign launched by Mercedes-Benz, in order to promote the company’s pride and joy in winter time: the 4Matic all-wheel drive system.

The campaign centers on a young man that, with the help of his father and of the 4MATIC, manages to get to the cinema in time to meet his sweetheart.