New Yorkers lift a Mercedes-Benz GLE to free a pedestrian trapped under it

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The more, the stronger, it is said and confirmed yet again by a group of New Yorkers. They lifted a Mercedes-Benz GLE with bare hands and freed the woman trapped under it.

The woman was hit and dragged for approximately 50 meters on the Lower East Side. when the driver realized what was going on, he stopped immediately, at the intersection of Norfolk and Delancey Streets. The pedestrian was uncapable of escaping from under the SUV.

A footage posted on Twitter by one of the many witnesses shows how people that saw the incident rushed in to help. In just a few seconds, about twelve men lift the 2-ton SUV onto its right side, with bare hands, and pulled out the woman from underneath it.

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“All of a sudden, everyone ran to lift the car. It all happened so fast”, Coldy Droscher told New York Post after posting the video on Twitter.

Paramedics arrived only a few minutes later, around 5:15 p.m. and took the woman to the Bellevue Hospital. She suffered several injuries at her legs, but doctors announced that she will recover completely. Witnesses claim that she was conscious all throughout the event and even talked on the phone from under the Mercedes.