New York, New York… NYPD orders 250 smart fortwo cars

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The first 100 smart fortwo tiny cars have already been delivered to the New York Police Department. Other 150 vehicles have been ordered and are on their way. By this massive order, NYPD is replacing he three-wheel motorbikes the policemen previously used for in-city interventions.

If the smart fortwo can make it there, then it can make it anywhere. Because it can park anywhere. At a length of NYPD smart fortwo smart forcops (1)2.69 m and with a turning circle of only 6.95 m, the smart forcops is agile, quite spacious for a car in its class and surely a vehicle to count on. These were probably the reasons that convinced the Support Services Bureau (SSB) of the New York Police, to supplement the fleet of 9000 vehicles of the New York law enforces with 250 smart fortwos.

The itsy-bitsy police car brings extra comfort compared to the previous three-wheelers: they provide air conditioning and extra protection, making the New York summer patrol duties easier than before.

The smart forcops belonging to NYPD is, naturally, a car painted white and blue. The vehicles have been fitted with specific police equipment, including a blue revolving roof lamp and police radio terminals.

Officer Ralph Jefferson has already received one of the first smart forwtos and he is delighted. “The smart is spacious and agile and makes my job much easier. Many people say that the little patrol cars are really cute, too’’, he says while patrolling around Chinatown in Lower Manhattan.

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