The all new Western Star 5700XE step in the fuel efficient truck world

Western Star 5700XE
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The Western Star 5700XE is the newest on-highway truck in North America, it combine Daimler technology, Detroit fuel efficiency Western Star style. Translate this marketing language, in short: a freewheeling Actros.

 First time I saw this gorgeous Western Star truck this summer in Transformers 4 – no comments. The archaic Peterbilt 379 was gone, the future is here. What a Transformer transformation!

Then, ten days after the official launch of the original Western Star 5700 XE in Las Vegas, I have the opportunity to walk around and to touch that “character”. Was happened in Hannover Commercial Motor Show, in Daimler Stand, close to a Bharat Benz Truck.

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Unlike his Indian neighbour, that Western Star don’t look like a Mercedes Benz. But it is! I don’t talk about Optimus Prime, but the real Western Star 5700 XE. Inside, on the dashboard, at least half of dials an controls, including steering wheel are common for many years in countries were Actros live. For many North Americans truckers steering wheel that control not just trajectory’s truck but also, with controls placed at the driver’s fingertips, braking, acceleration, ICE and transmission.

The base cab is the same that you’ll find on traditional Western Star models, including its vocational jobs. Back of the seats it is again the same honeycomb-style sleeper cab that’s offered on its current models. There has always been a perception that the Western Star is a heavy truck due to its steel cab, but with this lightweight construction sleeper cab, the weight it is under control. The 5700XE features a 126-inch BBC with a set-back axle, and is available in a range of sleeper configurations.

A new sweptback four-piece bumper with an under-bumper valance that contributes to aerodynamic efficiency. The Western Star cabs are knows for their steep windshield, and that is not exactly the best for aerodynamics. So, engineers have to passed some design challenges. They retained the traditional steep windshield, but they invented a combination of a drag-neutral sun visor and a kick panel on the hood, just before the windshield. The result: the front air flows over top the cab. Good job!

There was some rumors that Optimus Prime inspired Western Star”s designers. No way! It is impossible to develop in such a short time such a tremendous truck. 5700 have behind millions hours and miles of testing and improving every little detail. Western Star don’t publish their numbers, but instead, Daimler announced that was spend much more than a billion of Euros in almost eight years to develop the current Actros. Believe me, the 5700XE couldn’t be 15% more fuel-efficient than Western Star’s previous top-performer 4900FE, just by passing through Hollywood! This must be science, not science fiction. Anyway, half of that percent come from the better aerodynamic profile and the rest is divided between Detroit engine, gearbox and rear axle and supersingle rear Michelin tires.

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“XE – which stands for extreme efficiency – summarizes exactly what this new truck is all about,” said Michael Jackson, general manager, Western Star. “By blending legendary Western Star ruggedness together with aerodynamic innovations, and the most fuel efficient powertrain available, we have built a powerful solution that is the best of both worlds – and unlike anything else on the road today.”

The 5700XE can be spec’d with the fuel-efficient Detroit™ DD15® engine or the Detroit DD13® engine for regional and weight-conscious customers. The DD15, which features the proprietary asymmetric turbocharger and ACRS fuel system, delivers improved fuel efficiency while providing the power drivers demand. The next engine Detroit DD16®, which delivers the maximum power many Western Star customers require. For those who want to keep an eye an the global Daimler lets show you some numbers. Western Star with DD16, 15.6L, received 475-600 HP and Mercedes-Benz with OM 473 LA, 15.6 L  have 520, 580 or 630 PS (sorry, HP); Western Star with DD13, 12.8L, have 350-470HP, and Mercedes-Benz with OM 471 LA, 12.8 L received 420, 450, 480 or 510 HP. Detroit  DD15, 14.8 L, with 455-505 HP have not an equivalent on European range, but Actros can be ordered with another small engine 10.7 or 7.7 L

The 5700XE comes standard with the Detroit DT12 automated manual transmission that can be mated to any of the Detroit engines offered. Nobody tell us that DT12 it was inspired from Actros PowerShift transmission, but for sure, know how flowing in Daimler.

For ultimate efficiency, customers can select the new integrated Detroit Powertrain. Featuring the new downsped DD15 engine rated at 400 horsepower and 1750 foot-pound torque, DT12 transmission with Intelligent Powertrain Management and Detroit axles with specific configurations and gearing, the integrated Powertrain is engineered to work together to achieve the highest level of efficiency.

The 5700 will enter production in Daimler’s Cleveland, N.C. plant April 2015.