NEW WAR: Mercedes-AMG vs Porsche in every class

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Mercedes AMG compact coupe vs Porsche Cayman

The expansion of the bespoke line-up will continue in 2020 with a more compact coupe. The stand-alone model is’ planned to slot below the current Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe and GT 4door Coupe.


The new Porsche Cayman killer will be a smaller and more affordable sports coupe wearing the Mercedes-AMG badge and bespoke engines, complementing the more comfortable and relaxed SLC roadster, seen as more of a sedate alternative to the focused Cayman range from Porsche.

A conceivable engine would be the 3.0-litre straight-six which is supercharged (by a normal turbocharger and an electric compressor) and develops 435 HP. It is complemented by an electric engine (22 HP) whose function are, in addition to supporting the thermal engine in moments of acceleration (electric motor), to recover energy in braking (electric generator) and start the combustion engine (starter). Currently, this engine is used in the Mercedes-AMG GT 53 4-Door and the E 53 Coupe.


Due to the special engine, the entry level Mercedes-AMG Coupe will be placed much higher than Porsche’s Cayman in the food chain. The compact Porsche coupe is available in three power guises, ranging only between 299 and 366 hp: 718 Cayman with the aforementioned 299 hp rating, the Cayman S with 349 hp and the Cayman GTS with 366 hp. They all share the same 2.5-litre four-cylinder turbo boxer engine, which would also make the Mercedes-AMG offering superior in terms of prestige, thanks to the more noble six-cylinder configuration.

Currently, the Cayman has a starting price of 52,694 euro, which is probably much less than what Mercedes-AMG will ask for its new compact Coupe. A more fair comparison would be to look at the top variant of the Cayman, the GTS, which costs 76,137 euro, despite being almost 100 hp less powerful than the future Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe compact.

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