Ask Mercedes new virtual help: Owner’s manuals are history

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From now on, owner manuals and dedicated instruction books are a thing of the past for Mercedes-Benz, because the brand now launches ‘Ask Mercedes’. The app for smartphones is the mobile virtual help for every Mercedes driver.

Instead of a thick book in the glove compartment, Mercedes now offers a more modern alternative. Really no idea how the cruise control works or how to connect a new mobile to the media system? By means of speech or typing your question, ‘Ask Mercedes’ always knows the answer. The app uses artificial intelligence for this and combines that with a chatbot. This way the app recognizes your voice and you can ask a question verbally.

By means of an investigation Mercedes came to more than a thousand questions that the drivers of their cars (apparently) could ask the app. The chatbot is so intelligent that it recognizes questions even if asked in different ways. The question ‘How can I drive more economically?’ is just as well understood as for example ‘What is Dynamic Select?’. Questions that are not necessarily about the car, but about the company, can also be asked. The question ‘Who is the director of Mercedes?’ is also answered by Ask Mercedes. It’s Dr. Z, of course!

The app goes a step further for drivers of an E or S-Class. In the interior, the phone recognizes what the driver is doing in the car by using the camera of the smartphone and searches for information itself. For example, live information can be requested about buttons or functions on the display.

In the coming months, Mercedes will roll out the new function over more models and countries. The E and S-Class function will also be available for the other models in the range in the future. Now the app is only working in English and next year a German version will be brought to market. This year the app will be launched in South Africa and Malaysia. At the same time, the service is available in the United States with a limited number of augmented reality functions.

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