New versions Mercedes EQE 350+ 4Matic/500+ 4Matic and base version EQE 300

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The Mercedes EQE will be available to order in the second half of March 2022 and new versions will be available in addition to the Mercedes EQE 350+ already announced.

Unveiled at the Munich Motor Show in September 2021, the Mercedes EQE will be available to order from the second half of March and deliveries will start in June 2022.
Two versions will be available at the start of sales:
Mercedes EQE 350+ with single rear engine with 215 kW/530 Nm, WLTP range 545-660 km
Mercedes-AMG EQE 43 4Matic with two engines, 350 kW/858 Nm, WLTP range 462-533 km.

As announced at the official presentation, “civil” versions with 4Matic and two engines will follow in addition to the AMG versions.
Thus, three more versions will be available from July:
– Mercedes EQE 350+ 4Matic with 215 kW
– Mercedes EQE 500+ 4Matic with 300 kW
– Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 4Matic with two engines with 460 kW/950 Nm (505 kW/1000 Nm with AMG Dynamic package Plus).
All these models have a Li-Ion battery with a net capacity of 90.6 kWh.

Also under discussion is a new Mercedes EQE 300 base version with a single rear axle motor and 180 kW/245 HP. It is not yet certain whether the new base version will have the same 90.6 kWh battery or a smaller  battery for a lower starting price.

The Mercedes EQE will be produced at the Bremen plant in Germany for the European and US markets and at the Beijing plant by the Daimler-BBAC joint venture.
Like the Mercedes EQS, the EQE is based on the dedicated EVA electric platform. On the same EVA platform, Mercedes will present the Mercedes EQS SUV at the end of 2022 followed in 2023 by the Mercedes EQE SUV.



  • MercedesBenz says:

    The mercedez benz brand is one of the best brands in luxury cars. Its cutting edge technology makes it much more innovative, and its power one of the most powerful cars on the market.

  • Gurb says:

    At last a blog with inside knowledge!
    Do you know if the dates are the same for all the markets?
    Will all markets get all the versions of the EQE?

    • Razvan Magureanu says:

      These are the fixed dates for Europe. Also in the US will come this year but I don’t know the exact month. But for sure AMG versions will be available. The EQE 350 4matic and 500 4Matic and the base version EQE 300 are not announced officially yet.