New Pictures of the Mercedes MLC (the Future GLE Coupe)

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The future Mercedes MLC (GLE Coupe) was spotted again on the road, as well as the MLC 63 AMG version. For the first time we can see the lateral side completely unmasked.

The new pictures show, in a world premiere, the lateral side of the car and the rear windscreen completely unmasked.

We can see the coupe lateral line with the black B and C-pillar and under the rear mask, we identify the rear spoiler integrated in the boot lid.

Like in case of the BMW X6, we can also see that the MLC (the final name will be GLE Coupe, according to the new Daimler philosophy) will have an original body, which will not share any exterior panels with the ML.

Also, the wheels with 7 double spokes are new and they were not inspired from the current ML.

Our spy pictures also revealed the AMG version, recognized by the front bumper, the large air intakes, the AMG package and the four exhaust pipes at the rear.

For the first time, we can see  the frame of the windows  and it seems that the doors will no longer sport the frameless windows that the concept car exhibited.

The engine range will be taken over from the current ML. For Europe, diesels will play an important role with the 2,1 litre bi-turbo 204 HP (MLC 250 BlueTec) and the V6 3 litre 258 HP (MLC 350 BlueTec), but the new 3 litre bi-turbo V6 with 333 CP (MLC 400) and 4.6 litre V8 bi-turbo with 408 HP (MLC 500) are also expected in the petrol range. For the USA, we expect the same engine like for the concept exhibited in April this year at the Beijing Autoshow – the V6 3 litre bi-turbo with 329 HP .

The top of the range will be the MLC 63 AMG. Considering that the MLC is positioned more sportily than the ML, the Active Curve System (ACS) from the ML and the GL which reduces the body roll in curves, will also be available.

The MLC will be built alongside the ML, the GL and the C-Class at the Tuscaloosa plant in Alabama, USA.

The MLC will most likely be unveiled at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit and the production is expected to commence in the first part of the next year.

Foto: Automedia


  • Mark says:

    GLC MLC GLE they all look the same why is all the confusion. Merc is loosing grip.
    Btw. Seen GLE and disappointed a lot. No headroom in front seats and the engine bonnet is too high. Who design car like that. Interiors squeak when you press gently, that is worrying after some mileage on the vehicle. There are a whole list of shortfalls but i am not here to write an assay. Consequently the price is very very high for what it offers.

  • Mark says:

    Meant the GLE Coupe.