Discover every new Mercedes between now and 2021

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2021: Mercedes C-Class

The new, 5th generation of the Mercedes C-Class will use the internal code W206. It is based on the new MRA II rear-wheel drive platform and should evolve only marginally in terms of dimensions and design. The cockpit will consist of a freestanding dual-layout display arrangement, as in the latest A-Class. The C-Class will be powered by Mercedes’ new generation of diesel and gasoline engines (inline four and six cylinder units). In addition to the C-Class, of course, there is again the Mercedes C-Class Estate (from 2022), the Mercedes C-Class Coupe (from 2022) plus convertible (from 2023) and an All Terrain version (from 2022). The next-gen GLC and GLC coupe will arrive in 2022.

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