New Mercedes CLS spied on the Nurburgring

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Mercedes-Benz has been busy again for several months with the CLS successor tests. The new four-door coupe has been photographed on the famous Nürburgring race track.

The second generation CLS class was launched in 2011, then later appeared as a shooting brake. Now, a brand new third generation will show its face this September at the IAA of Frankfurt. Espionage photographers have snapped the model, which may change its name from CLS to CLE class.

Again it becomes clear that the successor to the current CLS class embraces a more elongated shape. Striking is the way Mercedes-Benz has shaped the rear. The trunk deck seems to be somewhat imposed here, something we also saw on the previous generation of the S-class. Underneath the new CLE benefits from the new platform that is also used by the E-Class. This will provide a wheelbase that is about six to seven centimeters longer than that of the current CLS. The new Benz also saves about 100 kilos.

At the end of 2014, Mercedes-Benz was able to divide its model names differently. For example, the segments are divided into the A, C, E, and S classes and cross-overs carry the addition GL. For example, the smallest crossover is called GLA class and the medium-sized class brother, GLC. The current CLS class has been marketed at the time of the old name structure. It is no more than logical that the new generation of the E-Class-related four-door coup will therefore be called CLE.

The return of the Shooting Brake seems to be out of the cards this time around due to the marginal success of that variant.

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