New Mercedes-Benz S 680 Guard 4MATIC. The 4.2-ton armored saloon

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Mercedes-Benz armored the new S-Class saloon. The car now bears the name of S 680 Guard 4MATIC. Anyone who want to take it home has to pay in excess of half a million euros. 

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has always stood for luxury, comfort and safety. But with an armored variant in the range, “Safety” gets a whole new meaning.

Therefore state leaders, dictators, VIPs, here comes the car for you. Mercedes quietly presents the new Mercedes-Benz S 680 Guard 4MATIC. The premium car maker chooses the same strategy as the one for the V12-motorized Maybach, probably considering that launching a V12-powered car might be slammed as inappropriate. Mercedes also welcomed the “Fit for 55” strategy and announced intensions the become an electric brand before 2030.

Therefore, the new armored saloon comes with a 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 that delivers 612 horsepower and a toned-down torque of 830 Nm, instead of the usual 900. The unit transfers resources to both axles via a 9-speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel drive 4MATIC system. Top speed is electronically limited at 190 km/h.

The armored Mercedes-Benz almost doubles its weight

Engineers armored the long-wheelbase S-Class saloon. The model now features VR10 level of protection. It is the highest protection that a civil vehicle can receive. Experts chose to rebuild certain boy panels instead of actually reinforcing them. Multiple-layer glass and hydraulic-powered windows, made of polycarbonate, with a thickness of almost 10 centimeters, round up the security onboard. Yes, you read that right. Almost 10 centimeters.

The armored Mercedes-Benz gets runflat Michelin PAX tires. They help the car travel for a distance of up to 30 kilometers when perforated. The S 680 Guard 4MATIC also receives a fresh-air tank, in case of a chemical attack might occur. A simple push of a button activates the system. There is also an innovative fire-extinguishing system that could eliminate fires onboard or outside the car.

Following the changes, the weight of the saloon reached an incredibile figure: 4.2 tons. Engineers also worked on the transmission and steering settings in order for them to withstand the extra weight.

Customers can order the car with either a 4-seat or a 5-seat layout. The modifications take 51 days to complete.

The all-new armored Mercedes-Benz S 680 Guard 4MATIC starts at 547,000 euros.