New Maybach models won’t get AMG versions

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class.
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After recently restructuring its AMG and Maybach brands, Mercedes-Benz announced that the two sub-brands will not cooperate in the future.

In other words, we will not see a AMG version of the recently presented Maybach models, as company officials announced.

In an interview for the British publication Car Magazine, Dr Hermann-Joseph Storp, director of development for the S-Class, said the badges would remain separate, despite the fact that many customers may be interested in such a collaboration.

However, the official was conviced that the failure of the last Maybach project didn’t damage the desire for Mercedes-Benz’s halo brand.

In addition, Storp added that is business will benefit from that, we might see the Maybach name assigned to other Mercedes-Benz cars in the future.

“We haven’t decided yet, but we’d consider it if the business case stacked up.”, explained mister Storp.