The new Jaguar XF with 4wd and long wheelbase versions

Jaguar XF
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Jaguar has great plans with the new Jaguar XF generation: 4 wheel drive versions and a long wheelbase variant, especially for Chinese market.

2015 is very busy for Jaguar. After the XE had already made contact with the press these days and the F-Pace Crossover, a third model will be launched this year.

The new mid-size Jaguar XF will be presented at tghe New York Auto Show in April 2015. Like in the case of the XJ, which offers a long wheelbase version, the new Jaguar XF will also be available in two wheelbase versions, the second one designated for the Chinese market, where such cars have a very good demand.

The new Jaguar XF (code name X260) is switching to Jaguar Land Rover new aluminium intensive architecture, named the iQ. It will be available with rear and four wheel drive to have more chances against the Audi A6 Quattro, the Mercedes E-Class 4Matic models and the BMW 5 Series xDrive.

We expect that the dashboard will take over the new layout from the recent XE with smartphone functionality and a multimedia system with better ergonomics.

The base engine for Europe will be the new 2 liter diesel from the new Ingenium family with 163 HP and a lower level of CO2 emissions. With 99 g/km CO2 in XE, we expect that the engine will emit around 110-115 g/km CO2 in the bigger and heavier XF.

The more sporty versions will use the well known 3 litre V6, with mechanical compressor, ready for at least 340 HP.

The standard limo will make its debut at the New York Auto Show, while the long wheelbase version will expect a Chinese auto show. The Sportbrake wagon version launched in 2012 will not have a successor any more, due to poor sales.

Illustration: Automedia