New info about Mercedes GLC model range

Mercedes GLC
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The new Mercedes GLC will be shown in world premiere on June 17. We know already how will look the model range.

The new Mercedes GLC – the successor of the GLK – will be shown in world premiere on June 17 in the first official presentation at an event near Stuttgart.

The public debut will follow at September at Frankfurt Motorshow. The new Mercedes GLC will use the new MRA platform from the C-Class and the interior will follow also the ergonomics and the quality from the C-Class.

The second generation of the Mercedes mid-size SUV represent a significant departure from the edgy look of the GLK. The former GLK was very original with its edge lines in a world dominated by coupe-line SUVs.

But the new designer Gorden Wagener wants to create a more elegant, sporty and modern silhouette. With a larger interior, the new GLC will compete with the BMW X3 and Audi Q5.

From mid 2016, GLC Coupe will go against BMW X4 and Porsche Macan. Yes, Porsche Macan, because for the first time, the GLC will get an AMG version as well as right hand drive versions.

The engine line-up consists of two petrol and two diesel engines, taken over from the C-Class: GLC 250 (2 liter turbo) and GLC 400 (3 litre V6 turbo) and 2.1 litre diesel in GLC 220d and GLC 250d. The diesels will be mated with the new 9 speed automatic gearbox while the petrol engines will be combined with the 7 speed automatic gearbox.

There will be also some versions with rear wheel drive.

GLC is one of the ten Mercedes models to get a Plug-In Hybrid version. Like the C 350e, the GLCe will be powered by a heat engine with 2 litre turbo/211 HP and by an electric engine with 82 HP and the maximum output will reach 279 HP. We expect an electric range up to 30 km and a fuel consumption under 2.5 l/100 km.

The GLCe will transmit the power to all four wheels through a seven speed automatic gearbox.

For the first time, the GLC will have three AMG versions. GLC is the third Mercedes model which will get an AMG Sport Line – an intermediate version between regular models and the top AMG versions. The GLC 450 AMG Sport Line will use the 3 litre V6 with around 367 HP, while the top AMG versions will be offered in two power steps, bot powered by the the new 4 litre bi-turbo V8: GLC 63 with 476 HP and GLC 63 S with 510 HP.