New hydrogen refueling station opens in Germany

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New hydrogen station opens in Germany. Hydrogen refueling now possible in Ulm after Daimler, Linde and Total advance expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure in Mercedes’ home country.

Located on the grounds of ZSW on Helmholtzstrasse, the new station is part of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP). Its official opening was attended by senior representatives of the companies involved, as well as representatives from the federal government and the Baden-Württemberg Environment Ministry.

Daimler and Linde are participating in a total of 20 new H2 stations with a total investment of around 20 million euros. Total operates the hydrogen pump in Ulm and paid for its construction.

Germany already has 21 public hydrogen filling stations, seven of them in Baden-Württemberg. After openings at the Geiselwind motorway service area, at two locations in Berlin, and a station in Fellbach, Baden-Württemberg, the partners have now taken a further step towards a nationwide H2 supply network.

The existing filling stations already reach some six million people in the metropolitan regions of Berlin, Hamburg, the Rhine/Ruhr, Stuttgart and Munich. Seven stations are located in Baden-Württemberg alone, with five more planned in the region.